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Vicar’s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham”. (Luke 19:9)

As we all know the world we live now is a world of change. The development in technology and in the field of information brought lot of changes in all area of life. Even our perspective towards the life has been changed. The very concept of family which consists father, mother and children has been questioned in the present situation. That is why today it becomes more important than ever to turn to the Bible to understand the meaning of family and to look into the purpose and intention of God about our family.

Bible clearly says that it is God who instituted the family in the beginning through marriage. It is in the mind of God that the idea of marriage and family evolved. It is God who saw that it is not good for the man should be alone and he created the woman. Therefore we have to understand the mind of God to lead a blessed family life in this changing world. When Zachaeus, the wealthy chief tax collector, realized God’s purpose about him, he became a new man and decided to be a blessing to others. At that time, in Jesus words, his house became a house of salvation.

Our house and family should be a place where we enjoy the celebration of relationship. For that, as family members, we need to listen to the word of God and pray together. Our parish, as a family of families, as a larger family, needs to maintain the model of relationship to God and to each other in the community. Therefore, I seek the prayerful participation of all the members in the Southern Region Family Conference which is to be held on Oct. 6‐8, at Southern Baptist Conference Center, Toccoa. The theme for the conference is “Family: A Sacramental Celebration”. Let us come together and meditate upon the theme and celebrate the relationships.

Our annual convention will be held on Oct. 27‐29 and I seek the prayerful participation of all the members in the convention. I pray that this convention may help us to grow more in the word of God and to renew our relationship with God. I also seek the participation of all the members in all the activities of the parish. I expect the whole hearted participation of all the members in the financial needs of the parish. It will be a great blessing if parish is running through the contribution of all the parish members. Those who did not participate in the one day income collection, please give your contribution in these days. Let us come and worship together.

May God almighty bless us all.
With love and prayers,
Rev. M. P. Samuel
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